• Side table Plot blue
  • Side table Plot blue
  • Side table Plot blue
  • Side table Plot blue
  • Side table Plot blue
  • Side table Plot blue

Buro Berger

Side table Plot blue

Regular price €480,00

Expected: beginning of August


Three carefully shaped parts rest on each other – a very simple yet clever construction, playing with a balancing moment. Plot is a very sculptural side table, inspired by the edged and lively architecture of Brutalism, but paired with gentle rounding. These make the technical source of inspiration very organic and natural as well. Let it be called a soft brutalism piece of furniture. 
Additionally an outstanding structure paint supports this unique balance out of technical and natural appearance, to an extraordinary companion in your home. 

A common handcrafted and quiet simple production process – used in unusual dimensions and shapes – creates a very distinctive new character. Getting out the maximum of shape, out of a simple plate material. Through the asymmetrical form, Plot offers from every perspective a different look – transforming from solid to more open. 


size: 45 x 40 cm
material: wood
designed in Germany, handcrafted in Poland
note: this is a side table, not suitable as a stool

About the designer


German designer Martin Hirth is known for his timeless designs. Born in 1987 in Horb in the Black Forest, he graduated from the University of Art and Design Offenbach in product design in 2014.
While still studying, he worked as an assistant to Sebastian Herkner and later founded his own studio. Martin Hirth’s numerous award-winning designs have been exhibited and featured in projects worldwide, from NYC to Tokyo, and even at the HQ of Karl Lagerfeld in Amsterdam.

Hirth is fascinated by pragmatism and quality, where rationality and basic forms meet flair. His goal is to create designs that are as sustainable and elegant as possible.