About us

Where design meets the lost and found - home for design & art

Our Story
Gerbrand van Nijendaal and Berdien Righolt – two individuals, one passion.
For years we’ve shared the same ideas about what is
beautiful as well as a love for home accessories, so we knew a collaboration was bound to happen.
After having worked together for many years at a large Amsterdam interior label, we each eventually followed our own path, and in doing so gained a lot of specific knowledge. After five years, we found each other again.
And now the time has come to join forces and ambitions and to pursue our shared dream through collaboration.

Our Label

Our distinct taste is the guiding principle of Berger. We work with young, renowned designers and artists who do not stop
at the submission of a design. We collaborate with them from start to finish. This results in contemporary, special and high- quality products that last a lifetime. And you want them to last a lifetime because they are so unique and beautiful. That is Berger.

Our Company

We do not intend to keep our knowledge to ourselves. We use it to support other brands and designers. For example, we can help with putting together a collection or finding a label for
a design, or by giving
advice on the production or launch. With our network, knowledge and partnerships, we help other brands grow. That is what makes us Buro Berger. We look forward to meeting you!

Berdien & Gerbrand