• Jug-a-vase medium
  • Jug-a-vase medium

Buro Berger

Jug-a-vase medium

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Expected: mid September

Diego Faivre blends seriousness, fun, and poetry in his designs. His colourful style explores themes such as the loss of personal identity and society's fixation on time and money. Known for his playful approach using Play-Doh, Faivre's first mass-produced creation, Jug-a-vase, challenges the distinction between a jug and a vase—offering a perfect gift crafted by Diego.

size: 15.5 x 22 x 24 cm
material: stoneware
color: pink, lilac, aqua

Diego Faivre is a French designer who graduated from Man and Leisure at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. Currently based in the Netherlands & Australia, Faivre’s design practice aims to intertwine a dialogue between seriousness, absurdity and poetry. By creating physical reactions, to twist the way we perceive design, he uses an instinctive and colourful approach to reflect on the modern loss of personal identity and the current obsession with time and money as his primary source of inspiration.