• Candleholder Clean Cut Limited Edition #4

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Candleholder Clean Cut Limited Edition #4

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Handmade wooden candleholder designed by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. This candleholder is also hand painted and decorated by Bertjan and is a unique piece of art. This limited edition comes in a serie of 12 pieces. Each candleholder is different, numbered and signed by the designer.

Bertjan about his design:
“Repetitive, clean cut-outs in a simple block of wood create something that brings mathematical joy to one and decoration to another.”

size: 30 x 25 x 41 cm | for 5 dinner candles
material: beech wood

handmade in Slovenia & hand painted and decorated by Bertjan Pot

About the designer

Bertjan Pot’s most well known product is probably the Random Light (1999). The Masks he makes out of colorful rope have also drawn quite some attention. Both the Random light and the Masks started as a material research, which is basically the starting point of each product created by Bertjan Pot. The outcome is usually
an interior product showing a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most experiments start quite impulsively by a certain curiosity for how things would function or how something would look. From there Pot takes on challenges with or without manufacturers to explore possibilities and push the boundaries a bit. The reward for each challenge is a new one. Bertjan works for Moustache, MOOOI, HAY, Arco, Gelderland among others.