• Pre-Melted Candle small yellow-blue
  • Pre-Melted Candle small yellow-blue
  • Pre-Melted Candle small yellow-blue

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Pre-Melted Candle small yellow-blue

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Coming soon, available from mid December!


A series of 5 candles in different colour combinations by designer Diego Faivre.

Diego Faivre about his design: “Do you love decorative candles, but worry about them losing their aesthetic quality after they’re lit? Fear no more, the Pre-Melted candle has done all the hard work for you. Because it’s already melted, you can continue to use the candle as much as you like, without ruining its aesthetic – you’re welcome! Made from a hand-crafted mould, this candle is destined to make everyone fall in love with the melted look. You’ll be wishing every candle was pre-melted.”

Every candle is an exact copy of the samples Diego Faivre made by hand, made in a mold and hand painted.

The candles are available in 2 sizes and 5 colour combinations, perfect to mix and match.

size: 11 x 15 cm
material: paraffin wax

About the designer:

Diego Faivre is based in the Netherlands, Faivre’s design practice aims to intertwine a dialogue between seriousness, absurdity and poetry. By creating physical reactions, to twist the way we perceive design, he uses an instinctive and colorful approach to reflect on the modern loss of personal identity, and the current obsession with time and money as his primary source of inspiration. Diego Faivre is a French designer who graduated from Man and Leisure at the Design Academy, Eindhoven in 2018.